Cheez Makin’!

Have you ever made cheese? I don’t know if there’s a dirty interpretation of that, I don’t want to know.

So… we made goats cheese over the weekend, it was ridiculously easy…

Cheez Pourin'

Cheez Pourin’

… though a lot of milk makes a little cheese!

Cheez Hangin'

Cheez Hangin’

I didn’t photograph the finished article, we took it round to a friends house and it went FAST! But it was really yum, and, as we are THOSE kind of people, we made bread with the left over whey too, wow, that with the cheese- YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who needs fillers?!

Who needs fillers?!

And, I decided to get my lips pumped up a bit! I know they’re a little uneven at the moment, I’m sure they’ll settle… Yeah. I fell of my bike. Let me tell you, OUCH. I lost balance literally outside my front door (I was so close to home I actually crashed into it!) and went head over heels, yup, I landed on my face.

Thank goodness I was wearing a helmet which stopped my forehead being smashed up, and thank goodness my knees took a little of the damage or I’d probably have bust my teeth.

I got up from the pavement numb, with the taste of blood and the feel of grit (it was tooth) in my mouth, and all I could think was OH GOD, MY FACE!!!!!!!! I cannot believe how little damage I did, I just chipped a bit of tooth, (but it’s ok, I still have it!) and got a few cuts and bruises. I have a MAJOR bruise on my leg which has developed way better than my first picture, I will take another better one to post soon!

So kids, remember, wear a helmet! It looks way cooler than a beat up face any day.

Just-woke-up Puppy!

Just-woke-up Puppy!

I know some people are sensitive to dog winky, and I don’t want to embarass the Stimp with a big ol’ wink picture on my blog (-JEEZ, YOU’RE SOOOO EMBARRASSING-) But you gotta finish things with a cute puppy pic right?

Lots of cheesy love!

Gem xxxxx

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