Chilli and cornbread and looting greggs!

"What's for tea?" "It's bean chilli." "I don't care what it's been what is is now?!"

This was tea on friday night! Bean chilli that I cooked for about 4 hours. Ok, so we’ve “been” here before- but this time 1) I remembered the stupid joke I used in the caption courtesy of The Ha Ha Bonk Book – a joke book I had as a kiddie! And 2) I also made cornbread!

Super sweet and spicy cornbread!

I was so pleased with this dude- a first attempt at making cornbread, and it turned out pretty damn fine! I did improvise a bit with the ingredients- but luckily my lack of preparation didn’t hinder the yumminess… we went for a rather sweet version (apparently there are different schools of thought on the sweetness of cornbread- I will need to become better aquainted with the various forms before I can offer my offocial verdict!) and I added some fresh red chilli and spring onion. I also used yoghurt, milk and lime juice instead of buttermilk, and I served with chilli and rice… so perhaps cornbread purists may have some issues with me, but me and Joe both loved it! And thanks to our American buddy Nija for her help with the recipe, and the inspiration to bake it!

Also, leftovers were munched with saturdays chorizo frittata for breakfast- have I totally bastardised this bread now?! Maybe I’ll serve the rest with pasta or curry?!!!

Diesel's latest shop window installation

Following last weeks scum-riots accross England (note: just England, not the rest of the UK) it was heartening to see the cities sense of community become heightened in response to the selfish and idiotic behaviour of a few scumbags. Diesel had employed a Bolton youth club to come and decorate their boarded up windows- what a lovely idea!

If you could loot anywhere in'd choose Greggs right?

And for the more discerning looter....

And I couldn’t help but laugh at the trail of destruction on Brazenose Street- I mean obviously I don’t take vandalism too lightly – but the fact that the sandwich shops were targeted whilst many jewellers and designer clothing stores escaped the mobs wrath – is rather funny don’t you think?! Just goes to show the mentality of folk in Manchester- a Greggs pasty clearly beats a Tag Heuer watch any day!

We saw Super 8 yesterday by the way- I was not expecting so much, but what a great movie! It was like a proper 80’s action movie, the cast were awesome and nostalgia-inducingly a little goonies-esque!

Now I have to go work on my soon to launch babies t-shirt website… watch this space!!

Lots of corny love!

gem xxxxxxxx

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