Cookin’ up a Birthday!

First of all, here’s the thigh bruise from my bike fall as promised…

It never looks as good in a picture though does it?!

It never looks as good in a picture though does it?!

I’m healing nicely, and am about ready to test out my front tooth, still a tiny bit numb, on an apple! Please please stay in my mouth tooth!!

For Joe’s Birthday over the weekend I got my pinny on and cooked, constructed, and baked up some treats…

Creamless, buttterless, flourless, and refined-sugarless! But not tasteless!

Creamless, buttterless, flourless, and refined-sugarless! But not tasteless!

Ok, so I know it looks like it’s not so fun without all of the usual cake stuff, but it was super tasty, and the cooked breakfast of hash browns, sausages, egg n beanz made up for the healthiness of the cake!

FYI I used a pineapple for the cake “base” (part-prepared with sides sliced off, I kept the top and re-attached it because it looks awesome!) Then I used chunks of kiwis, pineapple, and strawberries to build up the sides, and blueberries and pomegranate seeds to decorate!

Here's the bakin'!

Here’s the bakin’!

And I baked up these delightful biscotti, I’ve made these quite a few times as they are easy and delicious! This time I used Delia’s recipe for the first time and I really liked it- I was worried it was going to be dry, but they came out perfect! I also subbed in some pistachios for some of the almonds. I love that these biccies are super tasty, but they don’t have as much of the bad stuff that normal biccies have (less sugar, less flour, and NO butter!)

Rockin' and Rollin' the homemade pasta!

Rockin’ and Rollin’ the homemade pasta!

Homemade pasta is easy peasy! Usually 100g typo 00 flour per person (but 200g for 3 of us was plenty!) and one egg per 100g flour (you do the math). Bring together, knead away and there you go… and I so love kneading dough. I was sooo pleased with the texture of this one, it was beautiful!

Oh I'm feeling hungry just looking at these!

Oh I’m feeling hungry just looking at these!

This meal fed 2 hungry and slightly tiddly boys after they returned from the Manchester Beer Festival.

My bolognese sauce is based on advice from a waiter in Bologna, and a scene from The Godfather. I keep it simple and keep it cooking- this was going for about 5 hours! I start with the Italian holy trinity (carrot, celery, onion) fried up in a little olive oil, then half beef / half pork mince fried up, then tomato, red wine, a little milk, and a little sugar and seasoning, 5 hours, and there you go!

So as is often the case with this blog, if it’s not a puppy taking centre-stage, it’s food!

Lots of yummy love!

gem xxxx

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