Hard work = fun

I have been working so hard now for over a year on my new baby t-shirt line, which is nearly (fingers crossed for tomorrow!!) ready to launch! Some of the time it has been swearing-at-the-printing-press, screaming-into-a-pile-of-t-shirts, relentlessly hard work! And occassionally, something will happen to make me believe that I’m actually doing a pretty good job, and that the hard work will pay off in bundles of fun!

Cody- the King of the Bounce- showing his circus skillz!

Today brought a lovely ray of light, when I got to hang out with my awesome friends and their kiddies, to take some t-shirt pics!

Cody showing Ava the spider he found!

My lovely little model Ava pictured here with big brother Cody (who’s 3rd Birthday tomorrow happens to coincide with my website’s launch date!) is being shown a spider, which was later temporarily housed in tupperware for the kiddies, who displayed varying levels of curiosity and fear! (Mostly fear for me I have to report…)

She is wearing her hot-off-the-press t-shirt here, but I won’t let you see it until tomorrow when we (hope, hope, hope!) go LIVE!!!!

If I can make a living out of frustrating days of printing, mixed with days like this, I think that I will be a very happy lady!

So here’s to tomorrow, Cody’s Birthday, and hopefully the start of fun careers… in modelling for the beautiful Ava, and making baby t-shirts for me!!

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