Last week we were in Ericeira, in Portugal, in the sun… Ahh, happy times…


This sea got WILD!

This place had the BEST sunsets…


Sunset over the Atlantic


Misty sunsets


Ericeira's favourite tree

And such a chilled vibe (yeah I used the phrase chilled vibe. What of it.)


Ericeira nightlife

Many cobbles, many places to eat fish, much vinho verde, and many little dogs (Stimpy, FYI, stayed with my folks, and by all accounts had a totally awesome time)


Socks being knocked off, hairs being put on chest

And aguadente! WOW. This stuff is strong (they made it here as the Italians make their grappa)… but of course they didn’t make it (Nudge nudge wink wink etc)


Mmm... Wine juice

Think I’ll just stick with sangria, ta.


Trams + graffiti = Lisbon

And a little stop in Lisbon before our flight back. Man that city has some serious nightlife!


That lopsided horizon is doing my head in

The viewpoint is one of our favourite places in Lisbon… Coffee and a view / beer and a view – me please!

Now it’s time to enjoy the autumn in the UK, I love this time of year! Orange leaves, enjoying snuggly warmth, and currently looking forward to Halloween! Oh no, of course I don’t wish I was still in Portugal….

Big love xxxx

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