Hoppy Birthday!

We went out for lunch for Joe’s Dad’s Birthday, and had such a lovely time at the Old Hall in Sandbach. I don’t have the pictures of people, but I do have the things you’re really interested in- toilets and booze!

The ladies bathroom was bigger than my last flat. No joke.

Never mind the lunch (Mussels, yum!!) the toilets were fabulous- totally picture worthy! But yes, lunch was lovely too, I normally really dislike and form of restaurant chain, but I have been to a few of Brunning and Price’s places, and I really couldn’t fault them… venue, service and food have always been top notch! And I just found out that they have a new place right next to where we used to love in Manchester- well that’s no good to me now guys!

Going for Gold!

And when we got back afterwards, we had a celebratory Pimms… my perfect Pimms’s will have really nice lemonade (oooh, homemade might be nice?! Must try that!) strawberries, cucumber and mint- we came pretty close here (you’ll see there’s no cucumber this time!)With the moments sun we were given yesterday, the drink looked so golden!

We also had Joe’s Mum’s passionfruit cake- so yummy! Victoria sponge with passionfruit and creamy layer in the middle (and yes, you may remember it from Joe’s b’day in January!) So delicious, and somehow even better the second time around!

Ps-I realised I didn’t explain the Blog Post title, as luck would have it, this was the name of a beer on at the Old Hall, so Terry got to have a special Bday beer!

Lots of toilety love! (I hope that’s the only time I get to use that phrase!)

gem xxxxxx

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