It’s Shoesday, and Bank Holiday Report!

It’s so nice to have a Bank Holiday with NO PLANS!!! With all of the website excitement and busy-ness of last week, we really needed the chill time!

So here’s how my few days panned out, and YES! There will definitley be food references, and YES! I ate everything before taking pictures again so I have empty plate pics and words instead!

Roll up, Roll up...!

Saturday morning was spent recovering from Friday night… Carnival Divine at Matt and Phreds! There are no pics circulating from the night just yet, Here’s the poster to whet your appetite, and a pic of me in the uber-glam location of the gents urinals- man they STINK! The changing rooms are right next door- BLEURGH. But I think I sweeted them up a bit!

Which way to the beach party?!

This is my most glamorous cleaning/ stage hand outfit by the way! Yup, my job is to go on stage between acts and remove discarded clothing etc (And that is a big etc- this time I was down on my knees mopping up soya milk with a towel!) Joe meanwhile is the host with the most- he introduces the acts and gees up the crowd! And what a crowd they were! The show was a sell out by Thursday- a new record- and the place was heaving with the most glamorous and fun loving people out in Manchester on Friday night.

The acts were amazing- Kitty Bang Bang is absolutely beautiful, and such an incredible dancer! FAVE MOMENT OF NIGHT: Kitty Bang Bang lowers into the splits with a balloon stopping her from reaching the floor and pops it with a pin! And the cutie fun Velma Von Bon Bon did a fun Monkey act to Footloose… I could go on, hey, it was a fab night!

The fact that no food is pictured, tells you that it was YUM!

Recovery the following day came in the form of breezing past Manchester’s Pride Carnival and getting an ear full of fire siren as one of the floats warmed up… and on to Try Thai in Manchester’s China Town- NOMMED! Green Curry with veges is one of my ultimate comfort foods- served this time with spaghetti, well why on earth not?! Joe meanwhile had super sweet pork in a sort of sticky thai sauce- Major yums.

Baby Monkey Riding on a Pig! Like Planet of the Apes but more fun.

Planet of the Apes followed the food- it was pretty good movie- the first time I’ve seen a Planet of the Apes film- I don’t have so much to say about it, but John Lithgow was really really good. Yup, that’s it for that…

I must start to wrap up now, so in a nutshell, Saturday saw work (gotta be done!) and rewards in the form of amazing red snapper from the Arndale fish market (cooked in foil with fennel, lemon and chilli) and wine and chat at El Rincon, our traditional Sunday night!


And great to see folks taking full advantage of the bank holiday by getting completely nailed by 8pm! These guys were making their way through a bottle of wine when we got there (many more must have preceded!) They were all over the place!

My-My-My-My-My-My-My- D-D-Darts face

Darts and White wine from a champagne glass, now that's classy.

We ended the weekend with darts at the Commercial on Liverpool Road, and some footy in the form of Barcelona’s 5-0 (I think?) defeat against Villa Real. Oh, and home baked cookies- I stuffed some turkish delight in that Martin and Claire brought us back from Turkey- Martin if you’re reading it was crap!! So I cookied it up and made it edible!! HA HA- sorry matey!!

And finally if you’re still with me, seeing as it’s Shoesday, the worst shoes I have ever seen:

Ok, I admit... maybe I would wear these if I was blind.

I actually laughed out loud (to myself- weirdo) when I saw these in the window of the *unnamed for fear of shame* shop in St Ann’s Square. What the native american shoe laces are these strange things? You want me to put them on my feet? And pay money for them? Seriously?

And we can’t finish like this…



Been lusting after these for years- one day you will be mine!

Well this has been fun, and insanely long, so now I must go and sell some babygrows! Hope you all had an awesome Bank Holiday!

Lots of darts love!

gem xxx

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