My new Website online!!

Cava literally NEVER tasted so good!

After some, ahem, frustrating weeks that involved bashing the computer keyboard with his fists, and pacing around the flat to calm himself, my very talented boyfriend Joe has built my baby clothing website! Yup- it’s online, you can browse, you can buy, hey you can even fill in a contact form on this baby!

Check it out:

I’m so flipping proud! Thanks so much Joe for all of your insanely hard work!

To reward his efforts, I made CAKE! Specifically Victoria Sponge… I tried to hold back with my amounts a little and went for a smaller 2 egg recipe (4oz flour, 4oz caster sugar, 4oz butter and 2 eggs) in a 20cm tin- 3 egg would’ve been better for the size (so 6oz flour, 6oz caster, 6oz butter, least I think that’s how it works… all relative with baking right?!)

Half cake-half biscuit! Well, you can't go wrong really can you?

Sorry as always for poor quality camera situation! It was quite dark outside too- I normally really on natural light when I use my camera phone, but this summer we aren’t getting too much of that! Ps- I didn’t notice at first, but I love that in the background of the first pic you can see grafitti on the wall of the warehouse behind us!

And now for my close-up...

Victoria Sponge was pretty yummy anyway, and just had a bit while sitting at the computer working on website stuff, listening to Tommy Boy Greatest Beats FYI, currently on Looking for the Perfect Beat by Afrika BamBaataa.

So let’s crack on with selling some baby t-shirts!

Lots of celebratory love!

gem xxxx

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