I must surely have added some girth over the last couple of weeks- I’ve been in family mode!

First a trip to my parents- of which I have no photographic evidence- the evidence of my visit is in gained pounds and added girth from my mum’s amazing food! BBQ’d seabass, Home-hot-smoked salmon, Broad bean, pea and mint puree (all from the garden!), roasted veg and bacon quiches, fresh salads, and all washed down with Palmer’s ale, plenty of cava, fresh lemonade and mojito’s! (I can claim responsibility for the last 2!) Oh yes, and desert! My homemade cookies for the kiddies, gooseberry and rhubarb crumble (from the garden of course!) and home-made ice cream!!

What a feast! I have had to run, yoga, and dance this little lot off all week…. until the next weekend came, and another family birthday gathering, a friends birthday gathering, and yet more feasting!!


It was our friend Claire’s birthday on Saturday, for which Martin made some delicious and massive curries which we chowed on late saturday night, and I made Claire some poppy seed, almond and lemon biscotti (my own recipe!) I saved a couple back for Joe that had slightly browned edges pictured here!

Underneath are my rocky road cookies- everything sweet you could want in one mouth full! chocolate with caramelised hazelnuts, melted with pink n white marshmallows, loaded onto hazelnut and oat gooey cookies! BIG WIN!!! I made these for another family party- a year of decade birthday celebrations… a 10, some 20’s, a 30, a 40, a 60, a 70, and a big 90, all in Joe’s family (And yup, he can claim one of those numbers!)


Joe’s Mum made this awesome white chocolate and raspberry trifle, OH MY! Here are the custardy, creamy leftovers… I just don’t know where there’s room on my body for more calories after the last couple of weeks major consumption! (And yes, I realise that these are strawberries… but raspberries are just out of season, there was a berry liquor in here too- so hey guys, let’s not discriminate, let’s just show our love for all berries, whatever the colour of their skin)

So here’s to a ton of awesome food…and to all of the working out that I have to keep up to make sure it stays off my hips!

Lots of calorific love!

gem xxxx

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