The Bigger City! (And a diary of NOM)

One week ago, I was in London.

1 week and one day ago, I was in Stoke.

One week and 2 days ago, I was in Cardington.

One week and 3 days ago, I was in Manchester…


New York Baby!

That’s right- New York! How’d I get here? I don’t know, the last few weeks have been a blur and I’m just starting to figure it all out! (But don’t worry, I realise that sounds like I was kidnapped!!)

And yes, this is the Flat Iron- it’s an incredible building, but I realise it doesn’t say “New York” like, say, the Empire State, or the Statue of Liberty… but I haven’t got there yet ok?!

But let’s re-cap…

Moving out of our flat in Manchester was a stressful ball-ache, but saying bye bye to friends and family was super fun! (and to those who I didn’t get to say bye to, extra big hugs!)

A traditional British Beer Festival Scene- beer, balloons, twinkies....

We said goodbye in style at the annual Winter Ales Festival in Manchester where I gained about a stone in cider and perry!

Siblings n Ale!

I’m here with Jamie drinking this strange yet delicious smokey beer, my faves are always slightly dry ciders though. We spent 2 nights here, it seemed like a good idea at the time, DERP. Curry at Akbar’s on Liverpool Street in Manchester followed night 2- WOW. Big fun!

A toast to NYC at the Royal Oak!

Then a goodbye at the Royal Oak in Cardington, my parents local… which followed a ZOMG AWESOMEZ curry at Spice Corner in Church Stretton- turns out if you get to know the chef, you’ll get to know the best off the menu dishes! AND my Mum made del-i-shous Victoria sponge!

The Big Apple!

Followed by a meal out with Joe’s folks, and this amazing B’day cake Joe’s Mum made for him… like Victoria Sponge with passionfruit cream filling (Good ol’ Delia!) Big Apple optional.

We had such a crazy couple of weeks- periods of intense stress (moving out- ARGHHH!) followed by nights of the best company and lots of laughs!

And, in case you missed it, every goodbye was absolutely engulfed by, drenched and smothered in calories! I only stopped eating when I was worried that I might need to pay for another plane seat!

But anyway, after all this… here we are, New York! Ready for another adventure! We’ll be here for 3 months, and I’ll keep updating on what we’re up to, who we’ve met, and inevitably, above all else what we’re eating!

The new World Trade Centre just catching the fading light!

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