Walkin’ for charity

My Nanny Barbara was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease about 10 years ago, which slowly claimed her physical health, her mental health, and finally her life back in March this year. So in May, our family walking team completed the mammoth 26 mile Clun Valley Challenge to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research.


And we had the best weather, almost too good considering the physical exertion, but it was sunny and dry all day!

The walk was just gorgeous, the most beautiful route, and yes, it was very very challenging. Our ascent totalled more than 4500 feet, those last hills are hard work when you’ve already walked 20 miles, let me tell you. Though I think the downhill towards the end was the most difficult… Ooh those knees!


I was so impressed with our team, a 26 mile hill walk is no mean feat. My parents are so freakin’ fit, it’s astounding, not only are they both, well, old enough to be my parents 😋 but last year my dad had full-on serious-times open heart surgery. And would you believe that his only problem on this walk was his knee??!



Even lil’ Stimpy took part, and completed 21 miles, he was still full of beans after my uncle picked him up and I’m sure he could have done the full marathon distance.


Gem & Stimpy

Our Clun Valley Factoids!

Distance walked: 26 miles
Total Ascent: 4800 feet
Time taken to complete: 11 hours
Money raised for Alzheimer’s Research: £1079.98
Number of blisters: 3 approx (amazingly!)
Sandwiches eaten: 23


Choo choooo! 🚂

We had a great day, we raised some serious money for a really worthy cause, and Nanny Barbara would have absolutely loved that we did this and had a super fun time!


The final leg

Big walkin’ love 💟 Gem 💟

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